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Conservatorship: To obtain a conservatorship over the person, the petitioner must prove to the court by clear and convincing evidence that the proposed conservatee is “unable to provide properly for his or her personal physical needs, including: health, food, clothing, or shelter. I have prepared many of these petitions for family members seeking relief from the court in order to address pressing medical needs their loved ones can no longer make on their own accord. Obtaining "Letters of Conservatorship" is often a complicated process for all involved. Our services include, court trips, notices by mail and assistance with serving the conservatee their citation so it can be timely filed prior to the hearing.

What Is A Living Trust

A living trust is a legal document created by you during your lifetime. With a living trust, your assets (your home, bank accounts and stocks, for example) are put into the trust, which is administered for your benefit during your lifetime, and then transferred to your beneficiaries when you die. If properly funded, a living trust will pass your assets to your beneficiaries without filing a probate case.

Divorce: Dividing Retirement Accounts

Retirement is one of the biggest assets to consider during a divorce settlement. Although pension plans are becoming a thing of the past, many couples are still making it a priority to save for retirement and are regularly contributing towards a retirement plan.

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Paralegal Skills and Outlook

So they say January is one of the best times to look for a job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the paralegal job outlook is expected to grow as fast as average.

A paralegal earns an associate's degree in paralegal studies or a paralegal certificate. The median pay is $24.00 an hour.

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Forming an S Corporation

As a new business owner you have plenty to get done. We help our clients by personally delivering Corporation Filing Request Forms, Articles of Incorporation, and Statement of Information forms with the Secretary of State Business Programs Division.

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Role of a Paralegal in California

In 2000, California signed into law a bill called AB 1761. The bill basically did two things: one it changed the way a paralegal/legal assistant can do business with members of the public, requiring us to now be called a Legal Document Assistant. And two, it set forth specific training requirements paralegals must meet while working with their attorney clients.

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Power of Attorney - Mobile Notary

I receveived a call from a man needing a power of attorney for his son. By the time the call got past, 'hello,' he was in tears and audibly shook up. His son was in route from the hospital to his home where he would be put on hospice until he passed away. Unfortunately, his son did not have any of his estate plannining in order but was faced with a sudden illness and needed

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Divorce - Response

It is true that a lot of my family law clients come to me after they have attempted to prepare their documents on their own or with an online "forms" service. Today I helped a client amend a response to a divorce. The original response was filed and served with incorrect information. The entire process took the client about 30 minutes.

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How to create a will: a primer

- List your significant assets, financial advisors, retirement plans, divorce papers, premarital agreements, and any other such documents.

- Gather employment benefits statements, life insurance policies, deeds to real property, partnership and business agreements and the last two years of income tax returns.

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Resolve Your Divorce Out of Court

Elements of a successful divorce

Mutuality. Lack of mutual sharing in the decision to divorce is a primary cause of conflict in the divorce and post-divorce periods. In an ideal divorce, the decision is arrived at together. This does not mean that one spouse may not be sadder or more distressed than the other, but that both come to accept divorce as the best thing under the circumstances.

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Divorce and Family Law Services $325

We offer package deals which include personally filing your court documents in Placer and Sacramento County, serving your spouse by mail or personal delivery, completing all divorce forms and a personally prepared Marital Settlement Agreement and/or Stipulated Judgment.

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